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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 30, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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this is "the five." >> oh god. ♪ >> donald trump is about to take podium at a rally in michigan t state that hillary clinton losts to bernie sanders in the primaries. the republican nominee has been working attacks on all front this week. a lot of powerful enemies are looking to take him down. >> a tweet calling on millions of americans abroad not to vote for trump. it was deleted about 20 minutes later and some sort of excuses
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was being made. meanwhile, another big news paper decided to go after trump. usa today taking a side of the presidential race calling trump unfit. he, of course, won't be taking that to heart, he never trusted the media anyway. >> how dishonest is this people? >> unbelievable. not all but a big, big fat percentage. >> remember how trump took plaque of the media for this week. four days later, the commission admitted it was true, there were issues regarding donald trump's audio that affected the sound level in the debate hall. a lot to impact. >> what are you laughing about? >> i cannot tell, remember.
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>> sure, sure. >> anyway, so we have usa today and the tweet and whatevs and w want to start on. >> whatever you like. >> okay, well, look, that's what this country is sownunded on. people able to give their voice and opinions to say they would like to support or not support a candidate. you will see this happens. trump is going to hit them back and say haha, now you are going to lose subscribers. this is the way the subscribers work, it is free market. you can choose to buy or subscribe or not or maybe sometimes those things passed because you may miss the paper. >> i want to stay with you a little bit. same with the arizona republic
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where they said they'll recommend hillary? any links there? >> no. >> i think the key here is you have people increasingly say trump has a chance to win and we think he's a danger to the country. i think people are speaking from principles and you see it across the liberal line. people who are conservatives and liberals and the news this week has been the number of conser conservatory board is speaking out. trump this morning goes behind the twitter storm and he's back with miss universe, you know,
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lets focus on this as oppose to all the scandal with his foundation that he did not have a permit to raise money with, with cuba where he's doing business where it is illegal and nobody is paying attention. >> 58 minutes. >> okay, the same with the media and the newspapers, did you see chicago tribune about gary johnson? >> yeah. the day after. >> it is like throwing away your endorsement and it would be one thing of u.s. a today to never endorse. this is unusual today. if you are endorsing jonathan, you may as well saying we are not going to have anyone to recommend. the thing for trump of not working in his favor, you mention the media is unpopular and the un is ridiculous. and then the clintons are not liked. >> so he's hot trying to persuade any of those people anyway, he's trying to beat them
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and one of the things we saw in michigan, a couple of how weurs where trump will be speaking. people stood in line in hours in the pouring rain to see him. i would not worry about all of these things. they're always going to be for the clintons and the media is largely, probably uneditorial pages that's not formed. the most part doing a lot better than you would if you were just a regular joe republican. >> i remember talking about the outsider candidates. so that he's not getting those endorsement. >> it is significant. >> there are history being made from these papers. >> all right, the un tweeted, 8 million abroad it would have affected if they listened to the un. they also pointed out most republicans don't listen to them. >> can i say that? >> i have not spoken yet.
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[ laughs ] >> they were hacked. >> i think this would be a perfect fact for a trump ad, i mean when the un comes out against you, they don't do the same of maniac and jihadist, you should consider a feather in your calve. the un is insulting you, it is like they're calling you a bigot. i got the complaining of the media. donald trump got $2 billion of free media in this election, he bragged about having never to get tv ads because he had us. he had cable news, cable news took care of it and the media wants him to be president. it is good for their ratings. boy, you could make a lot of money on this unpredictabletiil.
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if the mic was bad, he could have won the debate. >> there is no question that it went out equally to the tv public, but in there it was end less. listen, it could be a big game a little bit. >> that was the best part. that was when he's on his game. it was about five or seven minutes. >> all right, as i mentioned trump fired off a lot of tweets this morning regarding dispute with miss university. for those people knocking me for tweeting at 3:00 in the morning, i will be there awake to answer to calls responding to clinton missing the 3:00 a.m. call. >> wow, you think that the guy
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made a mistake by getting into this and we all said it and even you, he fell in into a trap and she sets him up when she had miss universe in the audience. maybe lester holt set him up. >> i don't think -- it looked like hillary clinton put a trap there and said go ahead and step right in the hole, donald trump, and he stepped in and afterwards even people were debating, he went off about women who are really a difficult group for him as voters anyway and now he continues, i mean to me, i don't understand but it seems to me that he cannot control. does he sleep, eric? >> hey, don't hate on people that don't sleep. i like it. >> have you ever tweeted or happy about at 3:00 in the monarc morning. >> it is such a chris lirock's
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line. there is no good tweets. we mentioned all his enemies and the media and the un and usa today. >> his biggest enemy himself. if he gets out of the way of himself. hillary have the ads ready and the conference call. they knew that they have done and this was what going to set him off. he has a weight problem, he just cannot wait it out. if he ignores this stuff, it would have been great. he cannot. twitter is his safety zone and if you really like trump, you should not enable him. as big of a supporter, telling him to lay off. >> they have for quite a while. maybe last night they were sn k snucking in of his backup phone. >> they should make sure to put his cell phone in a box and lock
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it. >> don't pick up the phone when you wake up. maybe they ordered one of those hillary clinton's special blackberry she got one off of ebay. maybe? >> very good, perhaps, lets go this, trump is still heading to the podium. we'lou there. we'll take a look at that. rudy is pulling off some imaginary things. we'll do this and hopefully we'll get back and mr. trump will be at the podium. hillary clinton is trying to connect with millenial voters, will it work. it is facebook friday, post your question right now on, we'll be right back. like claim free rewards...
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the nation's largest generati generations are now at voting age, will they turn out for voting day and for whom. third party candidate is losing ground as you will learn on the podcast where we'll explain the whole thing.
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the clinton enlisted help from bernie sanders putting out this ad, "squad goal." i really, really, really want to elect hillary clinton. we are going to work to mike hillary clinton the next president of the united states. [ applause ] >> i cannot hear you, are you we me? >> i see americans of every party and background and gays and straights and immigrant, that's who the hell we are. [ applause ] >> another approach is an interview with r&b star with mary j. blige. >> do you think it is tough for a woman to be likable? >> yes, i think it is hard. tens and thousands of years of
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how people's lives have been defined for women to be assuming, leading roles in business or entertainment or politics or whatever it maybe. it still is not a fully understood because there is no bluepri blueprint. >> all right, they just introduced trump so we'll get to that a little bit. do you think hillary clinton is having a hard time with millennial millennials is because of bernie sanders speaking out. >> bernie speaking to the issues of big business and that kind of theme. he really pumped into that and the depth of students debt. >> did you like that? >> i love to be in the meeting
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where all those are discussed and how do make something looking hip and good beat and in the middle you have bs which is bernie sanders, the key insults of young people is you have to expect them to be done, expecting them preferring celebrities over actual issues. squad goal, that sounds like a painful exercise. >> i did not like that. >> they're numbers are dropping. we have donald trump now so we'll save that right after he speaks. thank you. >> it is so great to be back in michigan. [ applause ] a state i know and love during this campaign.
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you know we love michigan, it was a fat victory, you know that? >> you cannot let them take your industry out of your state any longer, not going to happen. [ applause ] i am going to fight so hard for all of you and i am going to bring back jobs that have been stripped away from you and from our country. [ applause ] in 39 days, can you imagine, it started off where we are a long way away, some people did not give us a good chance, they said mr. trump, the other day one of the biggest people in that business, the dishonest business, they said mr. trump, when you started all, you have to tell me the truth. did you really think you would be here. i said what the hell do you think i am doing this for.
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[ applause ] >> right? no, we expected to be here and we are all here together and it is a movement, we are all here together and we will take our country back. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> we are going to win the state of michigan, we are going to win the white house and it is going to be an awfully good november, that evening is going to be a celebration. [ applause ] [ cheers ] we are going to take on the special interests and the lobbyists that stolen your wealth that they have taken your middi middle class. we'll take on the arrogant and ambassad corrupted media of american
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prosperity. and left behind public schools and roads and bridges and a totally depleted military. we have the greatest people in the world and our military, we are going to rebuild our military. this is what we need. [ applause ] >> it is time, by the way, to rebuild detroit, we are going to rebuild detroit. [ applause ] >> it is time to rebuild metropl michigan and we are not letting them take your jobs out of michigan any longer. it is time to rebuild the united states of america. we are going to do it. our country is going to be greater than ever before, we are going to be this smart country again.
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[ applause ] hillary clinton making a living breaking in donations from special interests right out of michigan and every other state. that's how she gets rich by taking your jobs and your money away from you and away from your state. [ chanting lock her up ] that's why hillary clinton if she ever got the chance with 100% approved the 100%. the deal she lied about the
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other night when i said she called it the gold standards, she said no. guess what, she called it the gold standard and lester holt did not correct her, i wonder why. [ crowd boos ] >> the partnership will economically devastate michigan, new hampshire and north carolina and pennsylvania and wisconsin and so many other states all across this country, it will be devastating also for ohio, hillary clinton's daughter wants -- their wish will be her commands. this special interest paying her for her speeches. she's not a good speaker. they paid her a lot o f money. we have thousands of people here today, and thousands and thousands of people outside trying to get in.
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thousands. [ applause ] >> you are listening to donald trump, he's right, people stood in the rain for hours and thousands of them to get in there to see that rally, we are going to bring it back to the five right after this break. this election has been intense. we can all use some laughs right around now. >> now, we are going to have "saturday night live" to do the trick. tomorrow, they got surprising cast members to play donald trump and facebook, more to come, don't go away. your car got rear-ended
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mr. trump is the inspiration for iron man. >> who am i? >> no, i am not donald trump in disguise. > >> the new york city subway is the best way to get around, and also going fast. [ laughs ] >> now you are laughing. >> i love it. live." >> a lot of fans are asnxiously awaiting for the show to return tomorrow, season 42. >> trump guess what, he's not played by daryl ma'am lynn anymore.
2:29 pm
alec baldwin. >> does this please you? >> i thought that hammond was great as trump. trump is really best of impersonator and he's such an iconic figure that only he could be him. you don't need a impersonator. they'll go after trump and hillary. the content is different. trump is seen as an evil clown and hillary is a robotic nerd who knows all the facts. >> there is androgen da driven show. >> dana, what do you think? >> in the general election on "saturday night live." >> trump he's funniest when he's himself when he goes on the fallon show. i wonder he's going to play alicia machado.
2:30 pm
that's a skit that we did not have. it will bring a lot of politically incorrectness. >> is it going to make the situation better or worse? >> we don't know. fuller, you have been waiting for them to do the five on there. >> oh my god. >> i would never ask for that. >> can alec baldwin can do as good of a trump? >> probably. >> don't forget something else though. he goes on "snl" a lot. maybe they'll be fair or maybe he will put shots of both of them. >> my mic wire was showing. >> were you making hand signals, i am like what? >> so what do you think? is this a good call, i think baldwin had no problem of
2:31 pm
getting into people's face. >> tina fay recommended that alec baldwin for this role, i just don't see it. >> i thought daryl hammond had the kind of face. i am interested in seeing what comes to this. i must say in terms of the criticism at this table, your favorite place for me. i think that they should be very direct and i think, opening to every term. >> but hillary, come on. >> like newspapers have been criticized because they are calling trump out right "liar." they say this on new york times. >> hillary does not lie, does she? >> there is some people on the republican side, well, you know they both have their problems, hillary and her e-mails and there is no equivalent -- it is like here is trump and here is
2:32 pm
hillary. >> i think that's true. you could make a fun thing or have a james comey character and talking about the e-mails and the lies. >> alec baldwin knows what it is like to put out a tweet that gets ridicule so in some way he will be closer to us than hammond. >> guys, is it a good idea for them to go back to them as themselves before the election? >> probably not. >> how much time do we have left? >> they could get it done in nine days. >> i say yes. >> i am not counting. [ laughs ] >> i would not do it if i were the republicans. i think hillary clinton will be fine but the conservatives always ends up with the short end of the stick. >> which conservative? >> i feel it is too risky. >> yeah, i would like to see him
2:33 pm
especially -- it will not be hillary. >> do you remember when he was mad, well the story goes he was frustrated when president obama was making fun of him at the white house correspondence center and i just feel like trump needs to stay in the game in focusing on hillary and taking time off preparing on saturday night lifve and i woul not take that risk. >> we are talking about bernie doing nor with the millenials. "saturday night live" can actually help mher. >> nobody watches tv anymore. >> don't say that dana. >> i got a mortgage. >> geez, the five, facebook
2:34 pm
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ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. yeah, facebook friday, we answer your questions. what poster were on your wall when you were 12? >> oh, 12 years old, probably, i got one kid poster. and also i had like, i know like shawn cassidy. >> i have every cassidy's. >> oh, i like christian slater. >> there you go. >> you know you can sing frank
2:39 pm
sinatra. he sings to me one time. >> in person? >> yes. >> cool. >> the other day somebody celebrating, and i think i had something like that stowaway from the side. >> you are not a poster guy. >> do you have any cats? >> oh, i had a turtle. they had all kinds of diseases. >> you have to be careful. >> and also, i should have been your mom, what kind of issues that you got going on there. >> probably like most guys like 12-year-old, charlie angels. >> right. >> yep. >> i love charlie angels. >> a funny story, i put it on my wall and my mom made me put it in the closet
2:40 pm
>> what about you dana? >> well, at 12, this maybe a little younger, shawn cassidy and rick springfield. i think around 12, do you remember tiffany, i had a poster of her. >> yes, totally. i used to love bruce springfield when he was on "general hospital." >> can you bring me in the circle, who's tiffany? >> i will show you later. i had a poster of bill o' riley. >> did he have a spray tan? [ laughs ] >> okay, this is it, we'll go this way. this is brooke g. if you can go anywhere in the
2:41 pm
world for a week, where would you go and you have to leave tonight? >> antiqua. >> my friend had a house there and she invited us a couple times and i was not able to go. i would go there for a week and would not take my phone. >> i would go to spain, i was in spain 15 years ago. i have not been back since. >> i have never been, i want to go. >> i have never been there before. >> a five road trip >> never again. >> i would go to the beach, i will go to jamaica and go to the beach. >> anything else, sir? >> but, i think, you know, i think the other day i would like to go hang out in tokyo. the other day somebody was saying to me there is a place over here that's just a door and
2:42 pm
a stair way and you go there there is a bunch of japanese businesses and partying hard and i said i have never been in there. that's tokyo, you can go in a black door in an alley. >> you are not supposed to go down there. that's called lace. >> oh my god. [ laughs ] >> okay, where would i go? zika got me down. >> that's the problem. i got the zika blues. it is a condition. health insurance covers it. >> go to california. >> i am worried about it. >> it is actually, it is a worry whether of mosquitos so you should worry and make sure you wear long sleeves. you know where i would go? i would go to my laundwlaundrom stay there for a week to see if they clean my shirts.
2:43 pm
>> you sure know how to show your wife a good time. >> okay, what are your daily routine? >> i run a lot. some days i try to run two days during the week and i try to do five miles each time. i have not been able to get to the gym very much but i lost 15 or 16 pounds. >> but, you don't eat. you are manorexic. >> i kick box and then i had that unfortunate leg situation and i had my legs up. i don't want to do it again. >> at least you are not in any kind of combat exercises. >> ron, that happened? >> well, not under wear. exercise. >> come on, jim, routine.
2:44 pm
>> oh, i go to the gym all the time but i like to do different things. lately, i have been doing more and more with weights. >> you have a trainer, too. >> occasionally, i use a trainer. >> how about you, dana? >> well, i am trying to think of something like i surf on -- i have a personal trainer name katie and i have a pilate instructor named kate. >> pilates sound like some kind of illness. >> it is really good for your spine. >> i do resistance. i call body resistance training, you find a partner and you press against each other, usually in the park. >> oh, you and lou. just a lot of pressing. i like to do it early nights or
2:45 pm
early work out routines. >> i thought it was dobbs. >> great shape >> oh, juan got the news on his favorite football team. the washington, what are they? next.
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♪ all right, you guys know it, i am a big fan of the washington football team. what i am not a fan of is its official name that begins with an "r," redskins. >> i don't like saying it. >> you don't like saying it because it is a slur in the dictionary against native americans. i know some others don't agree. soon, the supreme court will settle the issue. the supreme court has agreed to hear the case will decide whether the government can deny the trademark because it is an
2:50 pm
case involved of an asian american rock group and i am not comfortable with this one but i will say it. slangs. >> what do you think. >> right or wrong, it is a measure of the true leisure class that we can spend years quarreling over words. in other parts of the world there are people that are terrified because their country's being destroyed. that there are bombs falling on them, not band names. they're not concerned about band names. they're concerned about bombs. so i don't know. we're lucky to have these problems is what i'm saying. >> i hear you. but i'm saying 1946 law says that the u.s. patent commission can reject names that disparage people living or dead. now, that's -- counterargument is first amendment says government should not penalize private speech. >> i like to think about issues like this. i don't know necessarily how this will turn out after the supreme court. i do note in "the washington post" poll that they released in may, nine out of ten native
2:51 pm
americans say they are not offended by the redskins name. at what point does the court overstep the opinion of the people and those first amendment rights? it's an interesting legal case. >> so eric, the justice department has said a trademark is a government benefit, not a limit on private speech. >> all right. the other camp likes to dictate whether or not they like to be called the redskins or change their names. some people find it offensive and will start going to the games, buying the jerseys. that's the best measure rather than the supreme court telling people what they should or shouldn't be calling themselves. >> so let me mention another case. which is the state of texas issues license plates for special groups when the sons of the confederate veterans asked for a license plate with the confederate flag, texas said no and the supreme court upseld texas' refusal. >> all right. there's something to to hang
2:52 pm
their hat on. in this case the band are members of the community that the government is trying to protect and they are seeking themselves to be able to have this name for their band. so it's a little bit, you know, different in some aspects of it. and also i think you have to be able to say what about the comparison to rap music? what about using offensive language if you have african-americans doing rap and using the bad words and then to this? why can't these people call themselves, you know, whatever name they want? >> right. >> but wait a second. >> what's the difference? >> this is not a football team made up of native americans. >> that's true. >> what?
2:53 pm
you're not a cook, if you don't cook. you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires. or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year. we're working hard, what about you? hey candidates, do your jobs. keep social security strong.
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i just go to lendingtree. to get a mortgage.
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i calculate how much home i can afford. i get multiple offers to compare side by side, and the best part is the banks come crawling to me. lendingtree. when banks compete, you win. one more thing. >> all right. tomorrow 10:00 p.m., we've got the great wrestler. we've got alan and colonel alan west. oh, wow. that's tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. and now this. all right. we're going into the cat in the bag olympics. we've got furry mcpawson. come on. furry mcpawson versus catnip johnson. furry thinks she's going to get past catnip johnson. but no. wait until you see what happens. >> oh, my gosh. >> what amazing agility.
2:57 pm
>> don't even think about it. >> that was -- my gosh. i love the cat reflexes. >> they are literally catlike. >> let's move on. all right. check out 8:00 tonight i'll be hosting a rally. mark cuban came on. i wanted to ask him about his reaction to hillary clinton using his name out on the campaign trail and r in the aftermath of the debate. also asked him why -- he actually called donald trump at one point the best candidate in american politics ever and now he can't stand him. ask him what happened there. and this one. nba as you know starts soon. so if his dallas mavericks take a knee during the national anthem, what's he going to do? and don't forget the fox news polls will be out in a couple minutes. you're up. >> all right. okay. so tomb for kimberly's royal news. everybody, greg especially, royal cuteness alert here.
2:58 pm
prince george and princess charlotte were delighted by mip knee horses and balloons at the garden party yesterday in victoria, canada. how cute is this? people are loving this online. >> what's he doing to the tree? >> stop. they joined 24 other children of canadian military families to celebrate and enjoy the afternoon and the duke and duchess of cambridge are on a week-long tour of canada. >> all righty. >> and now hannity tonight. >> okay. so we do this podcast. it's called perrino and star well. we record them on wednesday. there's a new one. here's a little listen from yesterday. >> did hillary clinton shore up wobbly democrats? >> sure. she shored up voters across the spectrum. she had energy. he showed as trump would say, stamina. she showed he was a presence. >> she was having fun at one
2:59 pm
point when she was doing a little dance. >> shimmy was not good. >> inside shimmy only. never let them see you shimmy. >> i shimmy. >> you can shimmy. not on the debate stage. we have our sunday show at 5:00 p.m. this weekend. hope you'll join us. >> all right. you're up. >> well, you know, boys will be boys and a big bet at the ryder cup practice. a hundred bucks on the line after a fan heckled rory mcilroy for consistently missing a putt. the european team then invited the fan, a guy from north dakota to see if he could sink the putt and they put $100 on the ground and said you got it if you could do it. look at this. >> no way. yeah, baby. yes, baby. that is sweet. i mean, how can you not celebrate for this guy? i mean, yeah, baby. >> that's so great for north
3:00 pm
dakota. i love it. >> going to leave it there. that's it for us. "special report" coming up right now. this is the fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. hillary clinton has received a boost, a slight boost following the presidential debate with donald trump. that is the takeaway from brand new fox polls releasing right now. clinton is getting 43% support in a four-way race. that's up from 41% as you see earlier this month. trump is steady at 40%. he is now down three percentage points but still statistically tied in this poll of likely voters. but in head-to-head in this poll, clinton has turned a one-point deficit into a five-point lead. when asked you won monday's debate, almost 3


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